This is the technical standard Netflix requires…

With its top notch RED shooting gear, OVALequipment can help you to respond to the Netflix standard. Please have a look here.

What do you know about OLPF filters ?

“Free Lunch Society” in the cinemas!

The movie Free Lunch Society – Come come basic income, directed by Christian Todd and coproduced by OVALmedia, is now out in the cinemas! It was shot with our RED EPIC X-DRAGON.

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The 6K RED DRAGON sensor offers a 9-times higher resolution than HD quality. The undisputed attention to detail and impressive native exposure clearly puts 35mm film in the shades – both in terms of dynamic range and image density. Industry-leading features indicate the RED EPIC-X DRAGON as a leading product for image innovations. The Red Dragon pushes the evolution of digital cinema technology.

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EYEDirect Folding Mark E

EYEDirect Folding Mark E - 01

The EyeDirect Folding Mark E is a simple photographic tool which guarantees eye contact with each subject. Filmmakers all around the world use the EYEDirect in order to easily capture eye contact.

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The video production for “Weck mich nicht auf” authentically visualises Kayef’s music. The video was shot with our RED EPIC-X DRAGON and Leica Summicron-C lenses.


Die Lochis used our RED EPIC-X DRAGON and Leica Summicron-C lenses to produce the offical video to their song “Lieblingslied“. Millions of klicks speak for the success of the music video and the shots’ striking quality.

Teesy feat. Cro – Jackpot

The music video “Jackpot” by Teesy and Cro was created using our equipment. It was shot with the RED EPIC-X DRAGON and with our Leica Summicron-C high-end lenses.

Bukahara – Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut” by Bukahara has been realized with our equipment. The difficult lighting conditions of the concert have been mastered brilliantwith the RED EPIC-X DRAGON and the Sony PMW F3.