About us

Since 2002 we are renting out cinema and audiovisual equipment – from filmmakers for filmmakers. We work hard to make the best possible films and like to help others who have the same goal. In times of extremly fast developing technology we are keen to find the best equipment for your next film project.

With our production PIANOMANIA we found a way to combine fly-on-the-wall sound recording with elaborate classical music recordings. Symphonic orchestras, as well as freely acting characters were the source of a new kind of experience in documentary sound recording. OVAL and its team owe their German Oscar for best sound (Deutscher Filmpreis für den besten Ton) to this work. In 2015, we had three projects in virtual reality, with different set-ups. Latest news it that Michel Reilhac’s “Viens!” premiered in Sundance in January 2016. We love to explore this new dimension together with top-notch creative technologists.

Whether you have a no-, a low or a high budget production – a high resolution camera set-up helps to have a better result. Please try the RED Epic Dragon, with the only setup which can fully expose the 6K Chip with a short focal lens (Leica Summicron-C).

We are open to support any great idea would love to discuss the technical challenges of your project!

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Robert Cibis
General Manager

I can help you with special deals.

Max Hüttermann
Camera Operator

I am a cameraman and Colorist for advertising, documentaries and feature films, and expand our equipment pool in Cologne and Dusseldorf.

Lars Barthel
Camera Operator

In the seventies I studied at HFF Babelsberg "camera" - I was a master student and went in 1982 from East-Germany to India.
Then I moved back to West Berlin, was a freelance cameraman and director, shot over 40 films, most of them documentaries.
In OVALequipment you can rent equipment with which we shot ourself. You can use our experience and advice.

Carl Guyenette

I am a Virtual Reality specialist with knowledge in all areas of reality computing (3D 360° video, LiDAR/structured light capture, photogrammetry, 3D printing, VR/AR) and have experience in Unity, C#, WebGL, Javascript, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, Nuke, Silhouette, Mocha, After Effects, TouchDesigner, Maya and Blender. I am your first Contact Person if you have deeper questions around VR-technology.